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Top Ten Tips for Coffee Lovers

Anyone who loves their coffee knows that if you simply grab a mug, fill it with instant and quickly drink it before rushing off, that you are not fully appreciating or enjoying the wonder that is a properly made coffee drink. Take your time, get to know your coffee and follow these top ten tips for getting the most out of your drinking time.

1. Don't grab the first packet off the shelf in the supermarket and stick with it. Remember that there are a wealth of quality coffee types available and you will need to experiment with different types such as Colombia coffee or flavoured varieties, and strength before you find the ones that work best for you.

2. When first made coffee is at its best so ensure that you drink it within twenty minutes at the most, otherwise the flavour with start to diminish.

3. In line with number 2, don't ever reheat your coffee. Microwave cooked coffee is a poor imitation. Similarly leaving your pot simmering on the coffee machine will have the same diluting effect.

4. Maintain your coffee machine properly. It doesn't matter what type of machine you have and whether it is a "pod" machine or a filter coffee piece of equipment, an unclean machine will not produce the luxury coffee effect that you are looking for. All parts of the machine should be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Use the right level of ground coffee. It is easy to waste coffee and not really get to enjoy the full flavour due to your own brew being too weak or too strong. Follow the amount instructions on each packet then carefully adjust afterwards to achieve your optimum cup level.

6. Have a good sniff. Part of the enjoyment that comes with enjoy a quality cup of coffee is the aroma, that heady scent that hits you when you walk into your favourite coffee shop. Take a moment before taking that first sip to fully appreciate the scented steam from your favourite blend.

7. Use nice water when making a pot or cup of coffee. The majority of what makes up your coffee is water. Use filtered water for the perfect tasty cup and you can enjoy the full flavour of your coffee without the artificial taste that comes from using some tap waters.

8. Have a favourite cup or mug. For some people the only way to drink a coffee is from a cup and saucer. For others being able to wrap their arms around a cup or mug is the only way to comfortably enjoy their drink.

9. Why not decorate your own lattes? Fancy coffee shop baristas will hand you a coffee with beautifully decorated froth which depict hearts, flowers and all sorts. Why not do a little internet research and see if you can recreate this skill yourself? It makes enjoying your coffee all the more special.

10. Take your time. In order to properly enjoy a cup of coffee you need to take your time. Make yourself comfortable, reduce the noise and distractions and just enjoy the aroma and taste of your favourite luxury coffee.

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