Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Hot Chocolate Machines: A Blessing

It's a cold wintery night and you're crumbled up cozily on the couch along with your loved ones. You're mesmerized by the sight of the dancing flames in the fireplace and you're lost in the blissfulness of the evening. But suddenly, you realize something is missing: a rich hot chocolate drink to sweeten your tongue and warm your core.

Then, you say to yourself, "Why haven't I bought a Hot Chocolate Machine yet?"

Preparing chocolate the old-fashioned way, using the pot and stove, isn't quite enjoyable and pleasant. You'll have to waste five minutes of your time just waiting for the water to heat up. You'll have worry about the clumps of cocoa mix that won't dissolve into the milk. You'll have to keep whisking and stirring so that the drink turns out smooth. And finally, you'll have to guess when the temperature is quite right so that you turn off the stove. To top all that, the chocolate never turns out to be as you wanted it to be.

However, making that mouthwatering drink is super easy using a chocolate machine or dispenser. All you have to do is put the ingredients (milk, shaved chocolate or powdered cocoa) into the chamber, set it and forget it. The machine will heat up the mixture to the perfect temperature and blend it until it's smooth and fuzzy. You'll then dispense the heavenly drink into your cup, top it with some whipped cream, chocolate chips or marshmallows and enjoy its cozy rich taste.

Not all commercial chocolate machines are the same though; some have advantages over the others. To begin with, a hot chocolate machine automatically turns off when the drink is ready. If the drink isn't served right away, it will cool and the whole essence of "hot chocolate" will be ruined. To solve this problem, some hot chocolate machines, like the Cocoa Latte, are programmed to periodically reheat the drink back to the perfect drinking temperature. Thus, you won't have to worry about returning to a cold drink. But not all machines have this function. For instance, the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion doesn't reheat the drink unless you press the "on" button again.

Also, using some machines, you'll have to pick up the whole pitcher in order to pour the drink into your cup. However, others contain a dispenser which makes them spill-proof and kids-friendly.

Moreover, some chocolate machines or dispenser can be used for preparing other drinks such as chai, tea and latte. Some of them, including the Bialetti Chocolate Maker, even have a cold setting by which you can froth cold drinks. These additional functions add immense value to the machine.

Hot chocolate machines are pretty affordable with prices ranging from 30$ to 100$. So if you haven't got a hot chocolate machine yet, then don't postpone buying one any further.

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

A Lavazza Blue To Make Your Day

No day is the same; no hour goes by just like any other hour. In every single moment in our lives, there's something unique and special, that is all its own. That's what I remember about Lavazza Blue - no matter what time of day, what mood I'm in, what's going on around me, there's a recently brewed cup of bliss that suits.

Lavazza Blue Tea Capsules

If you've been around here for long, you should know I'm a coffee fan... nothing quite brightens up my day quite like a hot mug of java. There are moments, though, when tea is the perfect answer. Lavazza Blue tea capsules are a treat anytime, and the superbly designed brewing system makes it amusing to process.

If I'm feeling like something entertaining and fruity, the Di Piu Peach Tea capsules are perfect. Bold black tea sweetened with sugar and infused with peach juice - it's a fresh peach explosion in my mouth. Once dinner is over, I like the Mint Tea capsules, with the bold aroma of black tea and powerful mint intensity. For the purist in me, nothing really beats my Lavazza Blue Lemon Tea capsules for those times when I feel like relaxing and enjoying a great book. The heady citrus blends with the premium black tea to offer a classic flavor with a modern twist.

Chamomile, berry, or green mint tea, anyone? Lavazza Blue capsules come in a magnificent variety of flavors, there's one for just about any mood or taste. I prefer buying the variety pack, so that there's almost always something new and fun to try.

Espresso, Espresso, Espresso

Of course, we can't overlook the heavenly espresso packaged in the Lavazza Blue capsules. The Intenso Espresso is just what you would expect from the brand: a high powered espresso blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robustas from Central America and Indonesia. Looking for robust flavor without the caffeine? Try the Decaffeinato capsule for total bodied and sweet flavor with a velvety texture and a rich, persistent crema.

When I'm in that delightful mood for something chocolate, I reach for the Ricco espresso capsules; dense and articulate, the blend provides you with chocolate undertones that make for a truly satisfying drink experience. And for a sweet, fragrant aroma, the Arabica espresso capsules can't be beat. Made from premium Arabic beans, the taste is smooth and the aroma heavenly.

Coffee, Tea, or... Soup?

Lavazza Blue goes well beyond the standard coffee maker fare. On top of their delicious teas, they also have a powdered milk capsule for a rich and yummy drink, and a consommé capsule that brews a subtle yet full flavored clear soup. A mouthwatering treat any time of the day, it makes a wonderful quick lunch that is satisfying and wholesome.

There is just so much to enjoy about the Lavazza Blue brewing system. The basic but stylish design of the brewer makes it fun to use. And the wide array of blends and beverages keeps up with my ever changing moods. It's just like having a full time barista at my command, ready at a moment's notice to create the perfect warm beverage.

That reminds me; it's time for my little cup of something wonderful... now if only I could choose! Tea, coffee, consommé, hot milk, espresso... there are so few hours in the day!